“I wear the same boots for work every day, and have tried just about everything I can find on the market from sprays, to special insoles to charcoal packages (meant to absorb scent) to try and reduce the smell from my boots. They are leather boot so cant just be chucked in the wash. This is the first product I have found that actually works! Put it into your shoes and leave overnight, then just wear them (no need to empty the powder out). Initially I used this every day for a week, and now I only have to use (max) of once per week to keep the smells at bay. Best and only product I have found that works! lovely minty smell.”

Rebecca, Waterford

“Thanks to this doctor it has solved a smelly problem with another doctor. Namely my Dr. Martens workboots. These boots were not cheap but boy did they stink after a few hours on my feet. I do not usually suffer from foot odour but I found myself embarrassed by the smell wafting up from my boots in the afternoon. I bought this product having read other positive reviews and so glad I did. After a week or so of use there has been massive improvement! I was getting near the point of chucking out my expensive boots but this product has saved them and my embarrassment. Buy it. I will be again.”

P. Ackers, Belfast

“Smelly feet is not a problem most ladies would care to admit to. Unfortunately for me, I inherited my father’s feet; big, sweaty and unpleasant. It’s taken a long time to work out how best to manage them, but I have found a daily foot soak and scrub with Hibiscrub, and using Shoe Rescue in my footwear overnight really helps keep matters under control. Obviously, it’s not going to work in isolation, meticulous attention to daily foot hygiene is necessary if you are prone to this problem.”

Lucia, Leeds

“Loved the no frills, no big claims, no unnecessary fancy packaging of this product. Just a product that does exactly what you want it to do – greatly reduce, or eliminate the horrors of smelly shoes. My hubby was very sceptical whether it would work. Had tried more expensive sprays, gels, inserts etc. etc. But he agreed to try this, mainly because he was fed up of me putting a peg on my nose, and the fact I had ordered and paid for the product. Well he used it in his work shoes, and his trainers, following the very easy instructions. We are both delighted that it was a great success in his work shoes, but his trainers still had a slight smell. So he gave the trainers another go, and the terrible odour that once resided has finally left the building. Fantastic!”

Judy, Glasgow

“My badminton shoes were beginning to stink up so I researched on Amazon to see what products were out there which could contain the smell. Thought I’d try this product due to the high rating it got. Sprinkled the powder inside the shoe and left it for a few days in the open. By the next time I picked up the shoes I couldn’t really smell the bad smells that I experiences before so I guess the powder is working! Will see in the long run how if the product can continue to combat the smells after each game.”

John, Reading

“My partner has toxic sports shoes. They could clear a room full of people in 15 seconds. We have tried everything and nothing works. I’m afraid if we burn them, the smell will still be left behind… BUT the powder is another thing, smells great, easy to use, and, while it doesn’t COMPLETELY kill the smell (dont put your nose inside the shoes), it works on it enough that I can now actually pick them up and not smell anything that isnt the eucalyptus scent of the powder.”

Natalia, London
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