Welcome To Shoe Rescue

Shoe Rescue, developed by a registered podiatrist, is a unique blend of natural powders infused with essential oils which have therapeutic and anti bacterial properties. Unlike many other products Shoe Rescue doesn’t just mask the odour it’s a remedy.

Benefits Of Our Products

  • Shoe Rescue is the all natural effective solution for the common problem of shoe and foot odour

  • Shoe Rescue is used by people of all ages and gender without having to worry about being exposed to any nasty chemicals, and the most important thing is that IT WORKS!

  • The team at Shoe Rescue are so confident in our products that we have a full refund policy if not satisfied in any way.

Keeps Feet and Shoes Fresh and Odour Free

  • Casual Shoes

  • Runners/Trainers

  • Work Boots

  • Hiking Boots

  • Football Boots

  • Golf Shoes

  • Much much more!



Instructions For Use

Instruction For Use

Who Uses

Who Uses