“I have been using Shoe Rescue in my shoes for a while now and it has certainly solved my problem of smelly work boots. I can now bring them inside the house again!”

Thanks, Liam

“I started to use Shoe Rescue in the kids runners last summer, they used to stink. This is a fantastic product and I will continue to use it.”

Regards, Shelley

“I would recommend Shoe Rescue to anybody with shoe odour problems. All our family are into sporting activities and we use it in our runners and football boots. One of my sons even sprinkles some into his gear bag. My brother in law first introduced us to it. He said he used to have a problem with athletes foot too for years which is now gone since using Shoe Rescue.  I have been happy to let my friends know about Shoe Rescue and some of them are now using it now too.”

Regards, John

“I’m a big fan of Shoe Rescue and will always use it. I spend all day every day on my feet at work and have had a problem with my shoes for years until using it. I used to have to bath my feet after work every day and keep my shoes in the utility room. My feet have never been better and the odour is gone. I would recommend this to anybody.”

Best wishes and lots of success, Stephen

“We keep a tub in the house all the time now to use in all shoes. It really works well and lasts for months, great value.”

Best wishes, Mary

“The kids runners were constantly stinky before trying Shoe Rescue. Brilliant brilliant product!!”

Thanks, Sue