Shoe Rescue was developed by registered podiatrist Barry Mulcahy from his clinic in Midleton County Cork, Ireland.

Barry had been using his unique blend of all natural powders and essential oils to treat people's shoes for many years for the common problem of shoe and foot odour. The warm, moist conditions in the footwear combined with bacteria from our feet often result in an unpleasant odour from feet, socks and shoes. In turn this often is the cause of conditions like athletes foot etc.

Shoe Rescue unlike many other products doesn't only mask the odour, it is a remedy and a completely natural product.

In 2014 Barry and his business partner Eddie O'Reilly decided to set up a small manufacturing facility and brought Shoe Rescue to market in 2015.

Shoe Rescue is proving to be a very popular product and is now exported to the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. In January 2016 we also launched Shoe Rescue Sport which has Eucalyptus oil giving aneven more antibacterial effect.